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Dermaplaning Services

Dermaplaning is a premier skin rejuvenation treatment that expertly blends the need for gentle yet effective exfoliation with the desire for luminous, revitalized skin. This meticulous process involves carefully removing the skin’s outermost layers using a precise scalpel technique by our skilled aestheticians. By delicately shedding dead skin cells and soft, fine vellus hair, often called ‘peach fuzz,’ dermaplaning unveils a smoother, more vibrant complexion. It is especially beneficial before applying facial treatments or skincare products, enhancing their absorption and efficacy. The immediate result is a beautifully smooth canvas, perfectly prepared for any event or daily glow.

Beyond its exfoliating benefits, dermaplaning offers transformative effects on the skin’s appearance and texture, particularly noticeable in the natural slowdown of cellular turnover associated with aging. This advanced technique illuminates your face with an instant increase in brightness and clarity, contributing to a more even skin tone and texture over time. Clients appreciate the immediate, tangible silkiness and radiance post-treatment, a testament to dermaplaning’s ability to rejuvenate and refresh. Whether seeking to elevate your skincare routine or prepare your skin for a special occasion, dermaplaning is a sophisticated choice for achieving a flawless, age-defying complexion.

$50 / Treatment and Up

Safe for all skin types and incredibly effective at removing dull dead skin cells.

Treatment Options

Performed with a small medical-grade scalpel to uncover glowing skin and allow facial skin products to absorb better.

  • With a Chemical Peel – $150

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